EDC has become so common place, even the guys from Myth Busters talk about their EDC.

Check out the video below to see Adam Savage’s EDC and whether you think it's up to the test.

Here are 5 of the items that I carry on me every day, and the reasons why they are a part of my EDC:

Cell Phone

I never leave home without it. So many emergency situations can be handled (or at least helped) if the right people know what is going on. The ability to simply call 911 can be a lifesaver….literally. For this reason alone I put a cell phone at the top of my list.

Even if you have zero bars for coverage on your cell phone, you should still try to contact 911. Your cell phone shows zero coverage because you have no coverage from YOUR service provider. That doesn’t mean another service provider is not in the area. And as required by federal law, network providers must transmit 911 call regardless of whether you use their service or not.

Even if there is no coverage at all, your phone will continue to transmit to the closest cell tower. This could let folks know your general area and that you are still alive.

If you cannot afford a smart phone, or don’t want a long contract, there are “Go-phones” out there that let you buy minutes as you go along. I would HIGHLY recommend at least having the ability to call for help in the event of an emergency.  They are also called “drop phones” for a reason.

In times of a huge disaster, like a tornado or hurricane for example, the cell service might be down. But if you have downloaded survival apps and books, you could still use your phone as a reference.

And finally, you can even use your cell phone battery and some steel wool to start a fire!


More than just a defensive tool, my knife can serve many purposes. For example, as long as I have trees around, I can make a fire using my knife and a shoe lace (Bow drill). I can cut branches for a temporary shelter, etc...

A good quality knife is one piece of equipment that I would not skimp on, and would recommend getting a high quality knife that will last you for years to come.

If you find yourself in a disaster setting that really requires you having to use a knife (opening up that package you just purchased does NOT count), then that is most likely the WORST possible time for your knife to break on you. Why risk it?


I keep an extra $50 on me, hidden in my wallet (I ALWAYS have my wallet on me). I keep it in smaller denominations.

Sure, if there were ever a TEOTWAWKI event, there might be a time right at the beginning when some folks might still take cash. And smaller notes are great because you better believe that the other guy “won’t have change.”

But in reality, I carry it because I have found myself in situations where credit or debit cards were not accepted. I have been in a situation where I was driving a car “on fumes” (not my car) and the only gas station in that area could not take cards because their internet was down. So having some spare cash on me saved the day…and a LONG walk!


I can no longer count the number of times that I have found myself having to use a flashlight. I tried other small pocket flashlights without much luck. But when a friend highly recommended the Cree flashlight, I thought “For less than $5 it’s worth a shot.”

Well, he was right. For only a single AA battery, it puts out around 300 lumens. It clips firmly in my pocket, and it has never accidently fallen out. It is sturdy and well built. The power button is “subdued” and I have never accidently turned it on while still in my pocket. My model comes with three different settings, including a “strobe” mode.

I recommend it for anyone wanting a small (weighs about 2.5 oz), but powerful, and durable pocket flashlight!


I carry a Sig P238 pistol concealed when off-duty. Always. With the threat of “Lone wolf” terror attacks, mass shootings, riots, and other civil disturbances ever increasing, I am always armed. If you do not have your concealed carry permit, I would encourage you to get it.

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