Paracord might just be the most common piece of survival gear.  It's everywhere…

You see paracord keychains, bracelets, shoelaces, belts…

Who knew preppers were so into fashion!

Well, it's not just about fashion... 

Part of the reason paracord has become so universal as an accessory is because it's incredibly useful.

There are literally hundreds of uses from using it as tinder to start a fire, repairing gear, securing tents or tarps, knife handles, the list goes on…

And that's why you see it built into so many survival products. 

It's durable and it can be seamlessly integrated into many pieces of gear without having to make extra room in your supplies.

Heck, that's exactly what we did with our Life Bivy.  

We replaced the worthless drawstring cord you see in every other bivy stuff sack with paracord.

All that said, there is one little secret many people overlook when it comes to using their paracord…

It's tough stuff, so how are you going to cut it without a knife?

“I always carry a knife” I often hear…

Ever board an aircraft?  You're not getting me to check a bag… so there goes my survival knife.

Ever set something down and not remember where you placed it?

Are you planning on having all of your gear ready and accessible during an emergency or survival situation?

You can't bank on always having exactly what you need…

And to ensure you're ready for whatever life throws your way…

Plus add a cool new survival skill to your knowledge base…

I'm going to show you how to cut paracord without a knife… and it can be done in about 15 seconds!

This method is simple, fast, and the most effective technique I've found.

Check it out.

Using The Paracord Against Itself!

When I learned this method of cutting paracord without a knife, it was a game changer…

It reminded me of why developing your survival skills and learning survival hacks is so cool, you learn to use what you have to make what you need.

For this method, all you need is your paracord, your two feet, your two hands, and a bit of strength to generate friction.

Here's how it's done…

Step #1: Measure Out Paracord

Start by measuring out the length of paracord you need and pinching it with two fingers at the point you want it cut.

This will be the center point between your feet in the Step #2…

Step #2: Stand On Each Side Of Your Cut Point

Now that you have your paracord measured out and you know where you want to make your cut, you're going to secure your paracord to the ground with both feet so it stays in place when you make your cut.

Stand on each side of your cut point with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and the cut point directly in the middle.

Make sure there is a small amount of slack in the paracord between your feet so when you pinch and pull at your cut point, it comes up directly in the center of your two feet and comes off of the ground 4-8 inches.

Step #3: Thread “Paracord Saw” Under Your Cut Point

Now you're going to create your “paracord saw”.

Take the extra paracord from one side of your foot and wrap it up and over your foot while continuing to stand on it.

Next, thread the paracord down underneath the paracord length you're standing on so you have enough length to get a good grip on each side.

Once you have a good grip, pull up with both hands and check that the “paracord saw” you've just created is running perpendicular and directly over your cut point.

If your cut point isn't in the center or perpendicular to the cord you're holding, adjust your foot on one side to center it.

Now for the best and final step…

Step #4: Cut Paracord With Friction

Holding each end securely and ensuring it's still directly beneath and perpendicular to your cut point, pull upwards towards your chest and rapidly alternate pulling your hands toward you in a sawing motion.

After a few seconds, the friction created at your cut point will heat up and cut right through the paracord.

And that's it!  No tools necessary.


Paracord tools and gear are so widely accessible, it's worth learning different ways it can add value in a survival situation…

And part of maximizing its value is understanding how to use it to make what you need when you don't have the perfect gear available.

That's why I showed you a fast, simple technique to cut paracord without a knife.

And not only without a knife… without any other tools.  How cool is that?



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