Aquamira WaterBasics Red Line Emergency Filter



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When an emergency strikes, you have to be prepared with everything you need to survive over a period of time – especially clean water.  Unlike standard outdoor water filters, the Aquamira RED Line Filter removes viruses, bacteria, and chemicals from unsafe water so no matter what type of emergency situation you’re in, you can easily have access to clean, safe, drinking water.

  • Patented RED Line Filter is certified to remove viruses, bacteria, and parasites to EPA standards
  • Filters 120 gallons of water, providing enough clean water for you and your family during emergencies
  • Miraguardâ„¢ Antimicrobial Technology keeps your filter clean by suppressing the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, and mold
  • 500-ml/minute flow-rate giving you safe drinking water without the wait
  • Connects directly to all WaterBasics filter bottle kits and storage systems
  • Made in the USA

WaterBasics Series II Emergency Filter ensures you have enough safe drinking water no matter what conditions you’re facing. With advanced filtration technology and versatile connectivity, this is one emergency water filter you don’t want to be without when disaster strikes.


In emergency situations, clean water can be nearly impossible to find. But with the WaterBasics Series II Emergency Filter, you can create your own clean drinking water using its powerful Red Line Virus protection and Mixed Media Filtration Technology.

Built with the most advanced filtration materials and science available, this emergency water filter pulls up to 99.9% of virus, bacteria, and cyst particles out of the water stream while still maintaining a flow rate of 500-ml/minute, giving you safe drinking water in no time at all.

The filter has the capacity to treat 120 gallons of water, making sure you have enough water to stay hydrated in emergency situations, and reduces chlorine, chemicals, and biotoxins to improve water taste, order, and clarity.


When you’re in the middle of an emergency, things can change in an instant, which is why you need a water filter that’s fit for every situation.

The WaterBasics Series II Emergency Filter was purposefully built with versatility in mind. This small filtration device is sized for easy transport in pockets and packs, and connects directly into WaterBasics filter bottles, gravity flow filtration kits, emergency pumps, and hydration bladders, making it the perfect water filter for a variety of gear choices.

The compact kit also comes with everything you need to collect, treat, and even drink water — including a mouthpiece and straw — allowing you to drink directly from the device if need be.