Aquamira WaterBasics Water Storage Kit

In natural disasters or emergencies, the importance of having access to water cannot be overstated. With the WaterBasics Water Storage Kit, you’ll have enough water to last you and your family days. Between the easily transportable design and the simple operation system, you can take and store water no matter where you are, ensuring you stay hydrated despite the circumstances surrounding you.

Built for Storage

The WaterBasics Gallon Water Storage Kit is no ordinary emergency water storage container. Say goodbye to the bulky, heavy plastic containers that make up most emergency kits. Instead, say hello to a compact design holding 30 or 60 gallons, yet taking up just 20 to 25 cubic inches when not in use.

This emergency water storage kit is built specifically for a quick entrance (and exit). To set up the kit, just open the package, place the stiffener pack and liner inside, and start filling.

The pack also leaves a small footprint and is collapsible for storage, meaning you stay hydrated, yet hidden if need be.

And Designed for Transportation

Despite its massive storage capacity, the WaterBasics Emergency Water Storage Kit is easy to transport, so you can take water with you when you need to go.

The kit comes with a 10’ retractable hose and easy-to-use hand pump that pumps 1.3 gallons per minute, meaning you can fill the unit fast when you’re on the go, but you don’t have to be directly near a water source or have electricity.

Plus, with its two layers of containment, you can ensure a spill and leak-free journey, no matter the environment you find yourself in.

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