The Ultimate Survival Fire Starter

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter

When it comes to surviving an emergency outdoors, it is best to trust reliable tools designed by an expert. Ex-British Special Forces Officer Bear Grylls lent his expertise to help design the Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter. This easy-to-use and reliable fire starter is lightweight, waterproof and generates a robust burst of sparks so you can quickly start a fire in any weather conditions. The Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter is a reliable tool you can count on to start a fire in any conditions.

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Compact and Practical Design

Rugged and reliable, the Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter has been field tested to withstand whatever you throw at it.

Bear Grylls is not only an ex-British Special Forces officer, he is also an expert mountaineer and survivalist who lent his extensive knowledge and experience to help create the Compact Fire Starter.

Designed to effortlessly produce a shower of fire-starting sparks in any weather condition, this handy device can be life-saving if you were to ever get caught out in the elements.

The simple to use, two-piece design features a rubber overmold handle with a high-quality ferrocerium rod and knurling on a durable anodized aluminum cover to keep your Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter safe and secure.

Lightweight, water-resistant and weatherproof, the portable Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter is a reliable fire starter suitable for any emergency kit.

Field Tested and Expert Approved

The diminutive size of the Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter guarantees easy access and effortless carry without unnecessary bulk.

Although small, this fire-starting device is durable and designed to withstand abuse from Mother Nature.

The Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter is waterproof, making it easy to create a robust shower of sparks, even in wet, snowy, or rainy conditions. A variety of tinder such as sticks, leaves and WetFire cubes can be quickly ignited to produce a lifesaving fire in any survival scenario.

A paracord lanyard attaches the portable fire starter to your backpack, keychain or jacket zipper so it’s always handy.

And just in case you’re facing a situation you’re unfamiliar with, the Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival Pocket Guide is included to help you navigate an emergency.

Be prepared for the unexpected - pack the Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter.

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