Portable, Reliable, Lifesaving: StrikeForce Fire Starter

StrikeForce Fire Starter

Matches get wet and lighters run out of fluid, but the StrikeForce Fire Starter produces a spark in even the most adverse weather conditions. Lightweight and long-lasting, this flint-based fire starter can be used thousands of times and generates heat three times that of an ordinary match. The built-in storage compartment can be used to store and protect tinder, while the lanyard loop assures you’ll never leave home without this essential survival tool.

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High-Quality, Long-lasting Flint

Reliable and resilient, the flint bar used in the StrikeForce Fire Starter is strong enough to last up to 4,000 strikes.

With the ability to produce a spark in the wind, rain, sleet or anything else Mother Nature throws at you, the StrikeForce Fire Starter easily ignites a wide range of tinder from dry straw to UST WetFire cubes.

Both the flint and the striker are protected by durable plastic caps that detach from one another, keeping the sleek, compact design while preventing any unintended sparks or accidents.

The special alloy flint of the StrikeForce Fire Starter generates heat three times that of an ordinary match, creating a hot shower of sparks for quick and easy fire starting.

Full of Practical Features

The functional extra features of the StrikeForce Fire Starter are what set this product apart from the competition.

Incredibly resourceful, this portable fire starting device has a convenient built-in compartment for storing essential tinder such as the included all-weather UST WetFire cubes.

The StrikeForce Fire Starter is attached to a lariat for practical hands-free carrying and a bonus lanyard loop gives you the option of carrying along another survival tool or attaching an additional lariat for more security.

Loaded with features and benefits, the StrikeForce Fire Starter is a necessary, and potentially lifesaving, survival tool that belongs in everyone’s emergency kit.

Be prepared for the unexpected with the StrikeForce Fire Starter.

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