Fire Starter Tinder Cubes



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If you get caught in cold weather, wet conditions, or with the sun going down, the ability to quickly get a survival fire going could be the difference between life and death that's where WetFire Tinder Cubes come in. Designed so you have the ability to start a fire in the worst conditions including blizzards, high winds, and rain, a few shavings of a WetFire Tinder Cube will instantly catch fire when coming into contact a spark or flame.

  • Burn at over 1,300 degrees and are guaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions
  • Stay lit for up to 5-minutes so you have time to build a larger fire
  • A few shavings from each cube is all you need so you can start multiple fires from each cube
  • 12 individually wrapped tinder cubes so you can store tinder in your survival supplies, bug out bag, or hiking pack
  • WetFire Cubes burn even better when wet so you have added performance when you need it most

The right tinder makes all the difference when trying to start a fire and, in an emergency, you can't afford to take any chances. WetFire Cubes give you the ability to instantly start a fire in any conditions.


Starting a fire using only natural sources like sticks and grass can be a challenge, particularly in wet conditions. Stuck in adverse weather conditions like a blizzard or thunderstorm, it gets exponentially more difficult to get a fire going.

Lucky for us, the WetFire Tinder Cubes from Ultimate Survival Technologies are the perfect solution to starting a fire in any weather conditions.

The tinder cubes material easily catches fire when it comes into contact with a spark from your fire starter or lighter flame.

The cubes burn at over 1,300 degrees and each cube burns for 5 minutes. That way, you'll have no trouble getting a fire going even if you’re using wet fuel that needs to dry in the flame before lighting.

Stuck in a downpour? The WetFire Cubes burn even better when wet and they’re guaranteed to light in windy conditions.

Whether you’re stuck trying to start a fire in a storm, gusts of wind, or on a bed of snow during a blizzard, you can count WetFire Tinder to instantly light when you it most.


Each WetFire Tinder Cube comes conveniently wrapped to maintain freshness in waterproof packaging.

Unlike other types of tinder fuel, you don’t have to worry about the WetFire Cubes leaking on your gear or breaking open into a mess in your pack.

Don’t need the full 5 minutes of burn time to start a fire? The WetFire cube can easily be extinguished with your foot and cools instantly so you can wrap it back up and use it to start another fire in the future.

Because of their compact size, versatility to start fire in any conditions, and 5-year shelf life, the WetFire Tinder Cubes are the perfect addition to your survival supplies or emergency kit.

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